ways to
optimize results

Cultivate prospect intent and improve pricing power, pipeline velocity, and conversion efficiency.

propositional value

It’s not about features, benefits, or capabilities; it’s about what you can objectively help your prospects solve, achieve, or mitigate. We’ll help you take a deeper dive into their key challenges and effectively recenter your value propositions around them.

Focus on
the 3 Rs of intent

To inspire actionable prospect intent, the framing of your solutions needs to be unambiguously relevant to pain points; your value propositions directly relatable to identifiable aims; and your ideas eminently resonant with daily realities.

the buyer Journey

Guiding prospects through a carefully mapped thought journey helps your frontline accelerate their learning curve, channel their chain of reasoning, and predictably move more opportunities from wavering indecision to engagement.

motivational dead zones

Unspoken concerns can stall a sales effort and keep seemingly motivated prospects in a neutral stance. Drawing on buyer behavior modeling, we’ll help you preemptively address unproductive perceptions hidden below the surface.

situational undercurrents

Contextualize undercurrents

Business decisions are often made within the context of shifting situational realities. We’ll show you how to leverage imperceptible but significant undercurrents and engage each target market on the right side of evolving circumstances.

segmentation positioning

Understanding the nuanced subtleties of individual niche verticals is key to maximizing penetration. The more you can tailor your market positioning to specialized sub-segments, the more relevant you become to the overall space.

Deliver on aspirations

Deliver on aspirations

Pain points are great motivators but are no match to aspirational drivers. The pursuit of a more productive solution, outcome, or resolution are the foundational catalysts of effective upselling.

meaningful differentiators

Differentiation rooted on company values, revenue size, or other superficialities is pointless. To set your offerings apart, we’ll focus on developing meaningful attributes that discernably benefit clients and visibly separate you from the crowd.

a success partner

Prospects aren’t interested in your solutions; they’re interested in accomplishing their goals. When your priorities and approach are centered around their success, you instantly transform how you are perceived, trusted, and followed.


ways intent strategy
brings it home

Cultivate prospect intentionality and rethink what’s possible.

Capture larger opportunities
Strengthen pricing power
Increase net client retention
Shorten sales cycles
Achieve higher win rates
Boost market penetration

Change strategy

friction with evolution

Operational friction impedes progress and saps productivity. Seeing valuable opportunities slip away as more agile competitors sweep in isn’t fun. If this happens more often than you’d like, it’s time to take a long hard look at your playbook.

strategic approach

Your competitive ecosystem is in permanent flux. We’ll provide the key insights you need to reexamine your approach, recalibrate your strategic focus, refine your operational blueprint, and meet the demands of change.

mission purpose

What you deliver and what you help clients achieve are very different things. When you transition your model from a solutions centric framework to one of functional value, you redefine the purpose of your mission and with it, the entire game.

a more ambitious roadmap

Improving productivity, workflow efficiency, team cohesion, and quality controls can have profound consequences. We’ll show you how to optimize management and logistical processes to help you boldly remap your journey.

Uncover the right insights,
pivot to meet the path forward,
and achieve beyond.

organizational focus

The more dispersed and siloed your teams become, the more difficult it is for them to coalesce around new initiatives. To solidify directional cohesion, we’ll show you how to break down barriers, crystallize focus, and improve synergy.

transformative change

Make purposeful change happen and bring the future forward. When you uncover better ways to deliver value, empower your workforce, and heighten efficiency, you unleash incalculable innovation, growth, and projection potential.

Markinson has proven to be an indispensable strategy partner. Their invaluable insights have helped us notably accelerate our growth trajectory and become one of the west coast’s top security integrators. The perspective we gained through our working relationship has altogether changed the way we perceive and approach our market.

Dee Ann Harn