Why Markinson

what sets us apart

Claiming to be different is one thing; being uncommon is another. Explore the unique qualities that define our firm.

Why Markinson

what sets us apart

Claiming to be different is one thing; being uncommon is another. Explore the unique qualities that define our firm.

and actionable insights

Actionable insights

It’s not about delivering groundbreaking ideas; it’s about knowing how to make them work. To produce solid and dependable outcomes, we focus not only on the conceptual ingenuity of our insights, but also on their real-world practicality.

domain expertise

Specialized expertise matters. Our 17 years of exclusive dedication to the B2B space have given us the advantaged intelligence, domain proficiency, and tactical know-how to help you compete more nimbly, capably, and effectively.

strategy framework

Strategy framework

Intent Strategy is a proprietary positioning methodology designed to influence buyer behavior and drive conversion. For nearly two decades, this multidimensional discipline has helped our clients close smarter, better, and faster.


thought partnership

Thought partnership

Open dialogue is essential. We take a deep interest in the success of our clients and always listen intently. Occasionally, we might respectfully challenge beliefs in order to refine their thinking and build a more productive shared understanding.

out-of-the-box thinking

Out-of-the-box thinking

Markinson delivers bold and innovative ideas without losing perspective of your key mission objectives or their functional demands. We relentlessly push the creative envelope by drawing on original, insightful, and nonconformist thinking.

Collaborative approach

Collaborative approach

Our advisors work alongside you from assessment to execution. We respect the empirical experience of your leadership and frontline teams and collaborate closely with both to gain broader perspective.

performance record

Accomplished record

From early-stage startups to billion-dollar firms, our firm has helped organizations of every size improve their market position, overcome challenges, and grow their topline. More than expertise or capability, Markinson is about results.

Tailored solutions

Adapting our approach to your journey and objectives.

No two organizations, value strategies, or business models are the same. Neither are our client relationships. Our team fully adapts to and works side by side with yours, providing a level of end-to-end personalization seldom found in the consulting arena.

Forward focused

horizon-driven mindset

To meet the path forward, you need to think, plan, and execute ahead. Our fanatical readiness mindset can help you mark the difference between leading and following; between constantly catching up and effortlessly cruising at the speed of business.

client-centric culture

Client-centric culture

It’s not about hiring a consulting group; it’s about finding a partner invested in your success. When you engage Markinson, you work with a group for whom achieving ambitious client targets is more than a mission; it’s a core business.

multidisciplinary team

Multidisciplinary team

Our firm has assembled an exceptionally capable and agile talent base. Seasoned professionals who are passionate about taking on our clients’ most complex market, revenue, and operational challenges and delivering transformative results.

integrity, and transparency

Accountable and transparent

We stand behind our processes, ideas, and solutions. We’re upfront about how we do things, provide answers when they’re needed, and are ready to substantiate any recommendation we make with objective analysis and hard data.

Coast to coast
and across the pond

Coast to coast and beyond

From the technology power hubs of the west coast to the leading business centers of the Northeast and across the pond, Markinson has worked with clients in every major market in North America and selected European territories.

Markinson has redefined our market approach. By helping us calibrate our strategic priorities, we’re now able to convey business value far more effectively and position our technologies with remarkable results.

Jeremy Hintze
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