digital overload

Sidestep saturated prospecting channels and fill your pipeline with better and more actionable leads.

The average B2B prospect receives 121 emails per day; well over half are unsolicited.

84% of sales professionals actively work to connect with prospects on LinkedIn.

B2B decisionmakers receive, on average, 173 cold calls, VMs, and texts per week.

(Sources: Radicati, LinkedIn, and MS Research)

Rethink your approach

Prospects are people first; then they are VPs and CEOs.

Decisionmakers have grown tired of the deeply impersonal prospecting tactics of the digital age. Most are choosing to simply tune out. To overcome fatigue, you need to connect with them as human beings.

Contact them
as a person,
not as a prospect.

Contact them
as a person

Change your outreach strategy and connect at a human level.

When your revenue team makes authentic personal connections, it substitutes apathy with receptivity, gets more calls returned, starts more conversations, and books more meetings. It’s that simple.

A b2b outreach strategy that overcomes prospect fatigue and instantly forges authentic, actionable human connections.

Thought-provoking tangibles and discreet correspondence at scale.

Prospecting at scale

We have what it takes to help you leverage Connection Prospecting at scale. Whether your market requires thousands or tens of thousands of custom outreach packages, we’re ready to help you fully exploit this powerful strategy.


key advantages
of Connection Outreach

Reach prospects as people and gain a decisive tactical edge.

It projects authenticity
It gets calls answered
It gets past gatekeepers
It elevates your approach
It forms a deeper connection
It keeps you top of mind

prospect assumptions

Connection Outreach represents a paradigm shift in outbound prospecting. Abandoning the impersonal tactics of cold outreach shatters assumptions, gives rise to a new tone of engagement, and takes lead generation to an entirely new level.

Get more meetings

Better outreach leads
to more presentations.

Getting meetings is central to the mission of sales. Unfortunately, it also happens to be the most common and frustrating bottleneck that revenue teams contend with. Our innovative outreach strategies solve this age-old challenge and change the game.

Gain deeper access

Implement Intent Strategy and open inaccessible doors.

Getting top decisionmakers to return calls and accept meetings takes more than mere persistence. It takes a combination of effective outreach and insightful Intent Strategy. How you establish propositional value and position differentiation matters.


Ignite engagement

Launch outreach campaigns that resonate with prospects.

Every prospect segment is unique and so must be the way you approach them. Markinson has the creative talent, logistics expertise, and custom manufacturing relationships to bring the most imaginative ideas to fruition.

sustainable follow up

Prospecting doesn’t end after making first contact; constant touch is key. Our open-ended programs are designed to support ongoing and durable opportunity nurturing using multitiered outreach that ensures continuity and sustainability.

intent targeting

Bombora technology helps us improve in-market targeting by allowing us to capitalize on timely intent data. There simply is no better moment to reach a prospect than when someone in their organization is actively researching your offerings.

We have participated in the design and construction of thousands of buildings. It can be said that we live and breathe strategy. It should therefore be taken with special significance just how impressed we were with the Markinson approach. This team demonstrated that delivering results is a process they mastered long before we made the decision to work with them.

Andrew H. Smith
Jordan & Skala Engineers